In an emergency, please call 911

Contact Anduhyaun Shelter at 416-920-1492

Contact Assaulted Women’s Helpline for vacancies in Toronto at 1866-863-0511

Anduhyaun Shelter is a Violence against Women (VAW) Emergency Shelter servicing Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal women with or without children fleeing violence.

The Shelter is a substance free VAW (Violence against Women) 18 bed family support agency that provides culturally sensitive counselling and referrals for women and their children. Women are provided support in a culturally safe and inclusive environment. 

The shelter operates on a client focused and strength based approach which promotes advocacy and empowerment for woman while maintaining their cultural identity in addition to respecting diversity of race, religion and sexuality. The goal here is to address the unique needs of each woman as she navigates her path on her healing journey. 

Services offered at the Shelter includes, but are not limited to: 

  • Individual Counselling

  • Sexual Assault Counselling

  • Crisis Counselling

  • Life Skills

  • Resident Support Services

  • Cultural Ceremonies and Elders

Anduhyaun Shelter is not accessible by wheelchair, please feel free to contact us for additional resources. Upon request, accessible formats of written information and other forms of communication are available.